DigitalPoetry-7: Deep Menu Poetry

Title: A Tree with Managers and Jittery Boats

Detail: Multi-level navigation menus create multi-linear poems.

Multi-level menus as poetry generator, for when lines branch and branch. ….

When writing a poem, often any line could generate out new directions, intersecting poems, branching possibilities. Using the modified code of a menu-sub-menu, I am experimenting with a poem within a poem within a poem. Enjambent as menu as poetic turn. A few factors I’m playing with: 1. the menu fade away timing (more or less?) 2. the mixing of various level depths 3. only one first entry, that extends to dozens of depths? 4. how else might this be used? 5. Rollover or On Press to trigger?

I plan to continue with this work, plotting more complex poetic interactions between lines and nodes. Additionally, it might be interesting to interlink two or more deep menu poems. Of course this form of non-linearity is so complex that reading must become an entirely exploratory and focus-intensive activity. Will this swing in the age of quick and easy?

Branch/Branch Digital Poem (

A fancy way/method for branching, poetic lines out of lines, extending the poem down and out, read through node or nodeless. The poetic notion is more than simple. Write a poem, perhaps ten lines long. Then explore each of the lines, imagine poems which might build from them. Your poem might now have three branches extending from the trunk. Now choose lines from the branches and extend those, trees on trees. Geometry is both important and not important. Such meaningless statements are designed to coax vague thoughts an academic wonder. Are you now an academic wonder? You are. You are. Just because I am silly doesn’t mean I’m not entirely serious. Whatever that means.

Once you have your branching poem, condense it more, in terms of visibility. Only the first line of the first trunk will be visible on user/reader arrival. As with most of my other net poems, you should abandon any thought that you can control how the user will click, which lines will expand, what lines will leave the screen. Stop being such a controlling monster, your bone claws  like apples with wasps, really angry and large wasps. Damn anglo-saxons.

Digital Poetry Introduction

In the simplest terms Digital Poems are born from the combination of technology and poetry, with writers using all multi-media elements as critical texts. Sounds, images, movement, video, interface/interactivity and words are combined to create new poetic forms and experiences. And when a piece like “game, game…” attracts millions of readers while a “successful” print poem might attract a hundred, I think the digital truly is the future of poetry. ….. Read More »

DigitalPoetry-1: Games

Title: game, game, game and again game, and others

Detail: Game interfaces where reader’s movements trigger hand-drawn and poetic elements.

Video games are a language, a grammar or linguistics of various texts. The sounds, the movement, the graphics, the rules or lack of rules, everything about a video game is a component of language. ….. Read More »

DigitalPoetry-2: Mosaic

Title: Sydney’s Siberia

Detail: Infinitely builds interactive mosaics from poetic tiles.

It is not technology making our wires, nodes and swimming data streams, our ever growing networks, beautiful. Instead it is the stories/poetics, the forever coalescing narratives that form the inter/intranet into a vitally compelling mosaic. …… Read More »

DigitalPoetry-3: Cubes

Title: Poetry Cube and Birds Still Warm from Flying

Detail: Interactive poetry cubes allowing multi-linear/dimensional play and reconfiguration.

One possible reading is as 3-dimensional concrete poetry sculpture generator. ….. Read More »

DigitalPoetry-4: Videographs

Title: Videograph Fictions or Graphoems.

Detail: Stories/Poetry from interactive graphs driven by pop-videos.

A strange hybrid work where writing is built directly from the videos and statistical graphs. ….. Read More »

DigitalPoetry-5: Combination/Various

Title: Wittenoom, and others

Detail: Exploratory work using various digital poetry interfaces.

Digital poetry should surround the reader, to encompass them in the experience, to entice their hands and eyes to move with the language and explore the interface. It’s critical for digital writers to see the interface, visuals, sounds, and movements as poetic/fiction elements. ….. Read More »

DigitalPoetry-6: Slot Machine

Title: This is How You Will Die, and others

Detail: A recombinatory slot game with 15 five-line death fictions/poetics.

By combining an online pokie machine, new media art, and fortune telling, ….. Read More »

DigitalPoetry-7: Deep Menu Poetry

Title: A Tree with Managers and Jittery Boats

Detail: Multi-level navigation menus create multi-linear poems.

Multi-level menus as poetry generator, for when lines branch and branch. …. Read More »

DigitalPoetry-8: Circular

Title: Wide and Wildly Branded

Detail: Circular compass interface with two textual levels.

This strange island continent and its ever dry center and clusters of wooded sea tethered cities is compass confused. ….. Read More »

DigitalPoetry-9: Speech-to-Text

Title: The Battery Life of Meaning: Speech to Text Poetry.

Detail: Processing media into strange texts with S2T software.

Using speech to text software trained to my scratchy and yet (in the afternoon) velvety voice, I process the worlds of media ….. Read More »

DigitalPoetry-10: 3D Depth

Title: Between Treacherous Objects

Detail: Multi-dimensional layering within an interactive depth interface.

Hidden secrets and interactive layers are packaged by our obsessions with objects and their terrible dark betweens. ….. Read More »

DigitalPoetry-11: Mouse Followers

Title: Uncontrollable Semantics, and others

Detail: Interactive poem dispersed over 50 mouse followers.

While net-art becomes increasingly more complex, more database and programming centered, this project shoots for simplicity. …. Read More »

Jason Nelson Video Talks

Living in Australia it’s difficult to travel overseas, as most of the world is at least ten hours away, across hemispheres and datelines. Because of this I often give video talks/chats about my work. …. Read More »